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I STARTED A DISTRO!!! for all yr queer, feminist, perzine, arty, cool zine needs - cool merch too... check out the WEBSITE or like us on FACEBOOK!!

don’t call me FABULOUS!

unskinny bop returns to the star!!

u bop

come see me and the bopz spinning rekkidz, back at the star of bethnal green, every 3rd saturday of the month!



a playlist of 47 of my fave trax from 2012 - ENJOY!



like my design skillz?  well, I got a website with a load of my other drawings n stuff!! CHECK IT OUT!


WE'RE UP IN THE CLUB spinning rekkids at this on SATURDAY!!! it's gonna be an AMAZING gig, so be sure and get yrself tickets! HUNX is INCREDIBLE!


You and me

Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - I Feel Love (video)

Possibly the gayest video I've ever seen in my life - pure incredible 80s electro diva-off! A reminder of a time when gays were allowed to be flamboyant and femme and FIERCE! (haha, god, I've gone old skool gay)

Their lifez again

Nightcrawlers - Push the feeling on (video)

I’m blinging in the golden dawn

Pentagram Sam - Da Grimston & Mist-E

That’s why you dance in the dark

♫ Redlight - Vampires (MP3)

I am a MASSSSIVE fan of Redlight's house-classiquESQUE Get out of my head which was released earlier this year - I even dropped it into my set at the last Bop and everyone seemed to LOVE IT!

So, I download the whole single when it was released and was pleasantly SHOCKED and SURPRISED to find a lovely minimal dancey MACABRE b-side called VAMPIRES. It's 3 minutes of SHEER joy to this goth's ears - weird electronics and lyrics about dancing in the dark, faces without colour and holy water.

I  think I enjoy 'dance music' in a different way to how you're supposed to - I find the sound of it a combination of emotionally desolate and also joyfully alluring on a very base level - the space in between is EMPTY VOID for you to fill! THAT SAID, I really enjoy this song without dressing it up or down. MORE FROM YOU LIKE THIS REDLIGHT!